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October 2011 :: New Livelihoods issue  

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we need to do is keep on walking.”—Buddhist proverb

Dear Educator,

At a time of profound economic uncertainty, it’s especially tough for young people to think about their own futures. YES! Magazine’s “New Livelihoods” issue will spark your students’ imaginations to think about creative ways to make a living and mark out a path of fulfillment.

In this newsletter, we explore bright ideas on how to live the lives we want. We are excited to feature resources from the Legacy Project that will help your students dream big—even in these hard times. Tools to help your students make sense of Occupy Wall Street are also at your fingertips.

Jing FongBest,
Jing's signature

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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

P.S. You’ll be blown away by the quality of your students’ writing when they commit to enter the YES! National Student Writing Competition. Remember to get their essays in by November 23.


Abreu & Students. Photo courtesy of Jean Abreu Weathering Walker’s Storm: Staying Positive in Wisconsin

In February 2011, thousands of Wisconsin educators descended on the state capital to defend their right to bargain. What’s it like teaching in the midst of this pandemonium? Wisconsin high school teacher Jean Abreu talks candidly about how her community pulled together to protect what they worked so hard to create. This is Jean’s story.    MORE »


Legacy Project logo The Legacy Project

How will I make my mark on this big world? What do I want to be? Do?

These are questions asked by students of all ages. The Legacy Project is a big-picture, multigenerational project informed by scientific research and fueled by a belief in individual promise.

Discover the Legacy Project’s resources, including LifeDreams, a series of activities that explores how to create your own life, achieve your goals, and enjoy the ride.



Jobs myth #1 Just the Facts: 3 Big Myths About Jobs Today

Of course economic growth creates jobs! Apparently not. Three big myths about jobs and the economy are busted open in these no-kidding graphs.    MORE »

Cotton jeans illustration YES! But How?: Cotton with a Conscience

You and your students can wear cotton without wearing out the planet. Try crafting a tool belt from used jeans, plus score new outfits from a clothes Swap-o-Rama-Rama.    MORE »

Citizen Space. Photo by Josh Hallett. 7 Smart Solutions for DIY Jobs

One alternative to looking for a job is to make your own. From Free Geek—swap labor for a rebuilt computer—to Fab Lab—run a factory from your laptop—here are seven ways communities are supporting DIYers.    MORE »


Welcome to occupywallstreet by David Shankbone Occupy Wall Street

YES! Magazine and the New York Times Learning Network offer your students a comprehensive introduction to Occupy Wall Street and stories on why people are taking to the streets in the name of the 99%.

Thinkb4youSpeak twitter counter graphic ThinkB4YouSpeak

The common straight teen slur “That’s so gay” may not mean to hurt, but it can. Curriculum from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) helps teens understand what they’re saying and think about the potential consequences of the words they choose.


Steve Jobs graduation speech Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There’s nothing like a college dropout telling tales of getting fired and being diagnosed for cancer to fire up your students—and you—to pursue their passions. Especially when the speaker is the late Steve Jobs.    WATCH »


Poet Laureaute W.S. Merwin The Laughing Thrush

W.S. Merwin

O nameless joy of the morning

tumbling upward note by note out of the night
and the hush of the dark valley
and out of whatever has not been there ...

Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin believes that it’s natural to love being in the world around us. Read the complete poem and explore an activity to help your students connect with—and write about—a sense of place and time.
   MORE »


Photo by Kris Krug Boom!

Ask these three questions about this photo so you and your students can understand the image, its message, and why it’s interesting (or not): What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?    MORE »

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