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We pay close attention to what newsletter features you like (and don’t). In this special edition, you’ll find the most read items—our “greatest hits” from the past year. Rediscover popular lesson plans, posters, and other classroom resources.

We’ll be back in August with a newsletter full of teaching tools on water and watersheds. Guaranteed to float your boat!

Jing Fong Congratulations on a successful school year. Enjoy your summer!
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Jing Fong
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Happiness   HAPPINESS

What makes us happy? Resources and stories from YES! Magazine’s “Sustainable Happiness” issue brought smiles to teachers nationwide. Explore Project Happiness’s 7 Doors Project, where students can create digital representations of their paths to happiness.

Social Justice and Human Rights   SOCIAL JUSTICE & HUMAN RIGHTS

How do we help students learn to build a fair and just world? Curriculum from the Zinn Education Project addresses racism in a more accurate, honest way. Teaching Tolerance’s Speak Up! lesson plans give students tools to respond to everyday bigotry. And TransFair USA’s Focus on Fair Trade K-12 curriculum uses coffee, bananas, and chocolate to teach thoughtfully about global interdependence and economic inequity.

Sustainability   SUSTAINABILITY

Sustainability is not just about the environment. It’s also about fair economies and social justice. Here are organizations that “get it.” Story of Stuff’s video and activities explore how stuff impacts cultures and the environment. No Impact Project’s one-week carbon cleansing is an opportunity for students to trade old wasteful habits for more earth-friendly ones. Facing the Future’s service-learning lessons help students create positive, healthy, sustainable communities.

Real World Education   REAL WORLD EDUCATION

Meaningful learning isn’t about memorizing facts. It flourishes in the context of people and everyday life, and happens in and beyond the classroom. Essay lessons from Rethinking Schools use poetry, math, and historical fiction as vehicles for personal exploration and critical thinking.

Your Stories   YOUR STORIES

Here are treasured stories from your colleagues that have made you nod your head with an uh-huh, smile with gratitude and admiration, and laugh out loud.

YES! Exemplary Essay Project   EXEMPLARY ESSAY PROJECT

The YES! Exemplary Essay Project demonstrates how teachers can use YES! Magazine stories as the basis of thought-provoking writing lessons. It also gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions and show off their stellar compositions. Many thanks to students from Jann Gates’ “Modern Dilemma” senior seminar class at Santa Fe Waldorf High School for their participation.

Here is the essay we selected as the most well-written and compelling: “Fill the Void,” by Eleanor Stevens, in response to the YES! article, “Iraq Veterans, Activists for Peace” (Sarah Olson, May 2007).

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Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers Planning to Change the World:
A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers 2010-11

The new third edition of this indispensable guide from the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) and the Education for Liberation Network is for educators who believe their students can and will change the world. It’s designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities. 

You’ll find weekly planning pages with social justice birthdays and historic events, inspirational quotes, references to online lesson plans, and teacher tips. Order your planner today through Rethinking Schools to receive a discount off the $18 retail price!
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