2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report of the Positive Futures Network, publishers of YES! Magazine

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Throughout this annual report, you’ll see YES! showing a growing audience where the positive possibilities lie.


Table of Contents

4 YES! Magazine: Offering powerful ideas and practical actions for today’s challenges

6 YES! Online: Inspiring action with daily stories about building a better world

9 YES! in the Public Square: Amplifying the YES! voice through mainstream and alternative media

11 YES! in the Classroom: Empowering 30,000 teachers with materials on sustainability and social justice

12 YES! Book on Sustainable Happiness: Linking personal well-being with equity, community, and a healthy planet

13 YES! at Town Hall: Celebrating community and inspiring action at Seattle’s Town Hall


Financial Report / 14
Thank You, Supporters / 15
Board of Directors and Staff / 16


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