Call for New Board Members

YES! Media is looking for experienced leaders to join our board of directors! Please read on for more information. Then, if you’d like to start a conversation about joining our board, please complete the interest form by July 10, 2022. 

Since 1996, YES! has been a leader in solutions journalism, inspiring people to build a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate world by publishing stories about community-led solutions to society’s biggest systemic challenges, including racism, economic inequality, and climate change.

This work has never been more important. While the world is facing growing threats from authoritarianism, disinformation, and climate change, the opportunities to reach millions of people with our solutions stories has never been greater. We are expanding our board to help YES! realize its bold vision to meet the needs of the next 10 years.

Joining the YES! board of directors provides a unique opportunity to work with allied hearts and minds to amplify the work of communities that are showing the way toward a joyful and livable future. It is fun, challenging, and inspiring work!

We encourage interest from Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian people, people with disabilities, people of diverse sexual orientations and gender expressions, and other marginalized identities that are underrepresented in nonprofit media organizations.



About the YES! Board

The creative energy, ideas, and support that a strong and active YES! Media board of directors brings to this staff-led organization has been crucial to the sound development and growing influence of YES! The board performs four essential roles:

  1. It assures the integrity, continuity, and financial solvency of YES! by overseeing the organization and intervening in the event of a crisis or major challenge.
  2. It appoints and evaluates the executive director to assure strong and competent staff leadership.
  3. It guides and supports staff in fundraising, outreach, and organizational and program development.
  4. It contributes to YES!’s intellectual vitality by providing ideas, experience, and insights into the emerging dynamics of social change in the U.S. and beyond, and the role of media in bringing about that change.


Board Member Qualifications

A candidate for the YES! Media board should:

  • Be closely aligned with the vision and mission of YES!
  • Have experience with media, movements, or organizations that bring about a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate world
  • Have sufficient time to serve on the board (4-5 hours per month, on average)
  • Complement the diversity of identities and perspectives already present on the YES! board, including gender, race, age, ability, geography, skills, and more 
  • Be an active and thoughtful partner in YES!’s antiracism work, supporting our ongoing efforts to build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization 
  • Function effectively, respectfully, and reliably in groups and meetings
  • Understand the fundraising role of a board and be willing to make a personal contribution based on their own capacity
  • Be willing to carry out the expected functions of a YES! board member, which are listed below under “Board member duties and responsibilities”

Currently we are also seeking board members with:

  • Experience in financial oversight and planning
  • Experience in developing strategic partnerships
  • Experience with strategic visioning who are unafraid to think big

All board members must share YES!’s commitment to building a culture of equity and inclusion that values and respects differences of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ability, socio-economic status, and other aspects of individual and social identity.


Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities

Board members must be willing to carry out the expected functions of a YES! board member, which include:

  • Accepting the essential fiduciary responsibility that normally goes with board membership for the solvency, integrity, and continuity of the organization
  • Preparing for and participating in three to four board meetings each year, at least one of which may be an in-person weekend retreat
  • Serving actively on at least one board committee
  • Participating in conference calls as requested
  • Making an annual financial donation in line with personal capacity, and assisting with fundraising, which may include participating in fundraising events, donor or foundation meetings, or other stewardship activity
  • Responding to staff requests for advice and consultation relating to YES! programs
  • Promoting YES! publications and programs and actively connecting YES! to partnership and other opportunities to advance its mission

YES! will support board members in carrying out these responsibilities by providing:

  • Notice of board meeting dates at least 3 months in advance
  • A carefully prepared board agenda and board book containing up-to-date information on the achievements, plans, and financial status of the organization, prior to each board meeting
  • Minutes of each board meeting within a month of when the meeting was held
  • Access to the executive director and other staff to inquire about any aspect of organizational function
  • Staff support for board committees
  • Invitations to selected YES!-sponsored events 
  • Access to extra copies of YES! Magazine for use in promoting YES! 
  • Travel costs and lodging for in-person board meetings, if needed



Do you think you’d be a great fit for the YES! board? Use this form to let us know of your interest and qualifications. If you know others who might be great candidates, forward this web page to them. Please do not nominate someone else. Thank you!



How long is a board term?
3 years, and each board member may serve for up to three terms.

How often does the board meet and are the meetings in person?
Board members live in different parts of the US. They meet virtually as a full board 3 times per year, and hold one in-person weekend retreat each year (as global health allows!). Committees meet anywhere from monthly to annually, depending on the nature of the work.

How big is the board?
As of June 2022, there are 7 board members. Our target number is 10-12 board members.

What is the relationship between the board and the staff?
YES! is led and run by paid staff. The board of directors fulfills overall fiduciary and governance obligations and provides strategic guidance and direction, along with connections to ideas, people, organizations, and funders. Board members are not active in the day-to-day work of YES!, though we do encourage connections between staff and board for consultation and advice around specific areas of expertise.

What is the board’s role in fundraising and are all members expected to donate?
All board members are expected to make an annual gift to YES! that is meaningful for them, and any size gift is welcome. We also expect board members to support our development efforts by promoting the work, making connections to potential funders, thanking donors, lending their name or words to fundraising materials, etc.

How many hours per month do board members put in?
On average, board members put in 4-5 hours a month (which includes virtual committee and board meetings and committee work), plus one weekend retreat in person as global health allows.

Do I need previous board experience to serve on the YES! board?
Not necessarily! We are seeking people who have served in some kind of volunteer community leadership capacity, working with other leaders to shepherd an organization or community initiative.

When do you expect to select new members? When will they start? When can I expect to hear from you?
Our application of interest will be open through July 10. You can expect to hear from YES! by the end of August about whether we’d like to start a conversation to get to know each other! Our hope is to elect three new board members in 2022, and additional board members in 2023.

Is YES! financially and organizationally stable?
Yes! YES! is fiscally stable with a healthy balance sheet. It has recently raised nearly $1M for its board reserve to help protect it against future emergencies. As YES! has been working to transform itself from a primarily white-led and staffed organization to an authentically equitable and inclusive organization, the core operations of YES! have remained solid. Our executive leadership has been consistent and our base of readers and supporters has continued to expand. You can see recent financial statements here.

Why is YES! adding 3 new board members now?
A few years ago, the YES! board adopted a 3-term limit. Long-time board members are now rolling off the board, and we are building leadership for the next decade.