How to Add a Comment


YES! upgraded to the Disqus commenting system on Dec 28, 2012.  We are happy to have more features, less spam and a more vibrant conversation!

To comment on a YES! article you must be logged in with Disqus, Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

First, go to the comment section at the end of the article and write your comment in the box available. By typing into the box, a series of possible ways to post the comment will show up below the box.

Then, you connect to post with your social media account (Twitter,  Facebook, Google+ or a Disqus account).  Clicking any icon will pop-up a box asking you to login.  If you already have a Disqus account, click the blue D icon.  Or, if you want to create an account to register with Disqus, enter the username you want to use in the name slot to the right of the icons. This will open a new box for your email. See below:

comment nameAfter entering your name and email, and clicking on Next, Disqus will send a message to your email to verify it as a valid email.  Once you have validated your email, your comment will appear.  If your comment still does not appear, check the YES! Commenting Policy.

To complete comment posting, click the button that says "Post as user name"

What if I forgot my Disqus password?

You may request a password reset email.

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