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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

Why Childbirth and Abortion Are Not Separate Issues
by Erin Sagen
While we debate abortion, women are dying in childbirth.
Harry Belafonte and ‘The Long Road to Freedom’
by Sarah van Gelder
On the anniversary of the March on Washington, we revisit an interview with the musician and civil rights activist about his anthology of Black music.
Fall 2018 National Student Writing Competition: Feeding Ourselves, Feeding our Revolutions
Want to inspire your students to write? Here's an opportunity to write for an audience beyond the classroom about what food they would cook if they were to host a potluck or dinner to discuss a challenge facing their community or country.
When School Is Based on What Kids Want to Learn
by Amanda Abrams
With self-directed education, students become their own teachers. But the biggest learning curve may be for parents.
Why We Need to Stop Saying “Man Up”
by Crystal Jackson
This outdated, gender-specific, and illogical phrase is disrespectful and avoids the real issue.
I Inherited My Grandfather’s Trauma—and His Healing Culture
by Elizabeth Hawksworth
Returning to culture is a duty my grandfather believed Native elders had to their communities. He passed this on to me, along with his trauma.
The Shrinking American Dream House
by Pamela O’Malley Chang
More and more people are looking beyond the ordinary for ways of building that express their creativity and values.
Before You Try to Decolonize Your Diet, Read This
by Chelsey Luger
A new book digs into the paradoxes of American Indian diets most people don’t know.
What Is Barbershop Therapy?
by Celeste Hamilton Dennis
Barbers in the South are training as first responders to assist the men in their chairs with their mental health concerns.
What to Do When a President Believes He’s Above Justice
by John Nichols
To protect our democracy, Congress must value the Constitution over partisan politics.
5 Ways Communities Are Coping With Climate Anxiety
by Katie Hayes, Blake Poland, Mark Hathaway
From action-oriented toolkits to talk therapy and meditation, these responses facilitate recovery, hope, and activism.
Meet the Indigenous Women Keeping Native Businesses Close to Home
by Sydney Worth
Entrepreneurs have limited access to capital and business education on the reservation. A Navajo incubator wants to change that.
Why Mister Rogers Is the Role Model We Need Right Now
by Stephanie Van Hook
The unconventional children’s television pioneer celebrated dignity and kindness in the age of mass media.
U.S. Cities Issue IDs to Protect Undocumented Immigrants
by Liz Brazile
A growing number of communities have implemented municipal identification programs, and not just in politically progressive areas.
What All That Noise Is Doing to Your Health
by Corinne Asturias
Our mental and physical well-being suffer from the sonic overload of modern life.