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Sustainability in Seattle: Disposable Bag Fee
by Richard Conlin
Richard Conlin and Seattle mayor Greg Nickels proposed a 20-cent fee on all disposable grocery bags used in their city in 2008. Their goal was to shrink the mile-long train of garbage the city sends out every day to a distant Oregon landfill.
Sustainability in Seattle: Green Buildings
by Richard Conlin
Seattle has one of the largest stocks of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings in the country. Conlin said the city uses its power as both a regulator and an economic force to push the rest of the city and region to adopting greener building styles and methods.
Sustainability in Seattle: Water Conservation
by Richard Conlin
When water consumption in your city is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, what would you do? Build more dams? Or build hundreds of smaller projects to fix all the leaks in your pipes and install low-flow fixtures in homes and businesses?
Sustainability in Seattle
by Richard Conlin
City Council President Richard Conlin talks about Seattle's green initiatives, promoting vibrant neighborhoods, sustainable community, fighting climate change, and protecting the environment.
Building Peace in Iraq
by David Smith-Ferri
What happens when we listen to Iraqis' stories, and trust that Iraqis are the best source for information about their own experiences? The story of Direct Aid Iraq.
Project Censored 2009
by Kate Sims
Project Censored seeks out the most undercovered stories of the year. In their 2009 edition, they salute YES! as "the standard" for positive stories about change. Here's an excerpt.
Knitting Cartoon
"In all sincerity, if we are trying to knit Wallstreet together, there's no need for a head!"Caption submitted by Audrey Fusco.
They Stood Up to the Banks
by Sarah van Gelder
Like other moments in U.S. history when the robber barons or the big banks went too far, the American people reined them in this week, refusing to hand over billions of dollars that would put themselves and their children and grandchildren into debt to pay off the collapsing fortunes of some over-sized and under-regulated banks.
The News is Good! Stories of Hope and Change
Stories of Hope and Change You Didn't Hear About in 2007 and 2008. Project Censored 2009 highlights a new form of journalism: one that looks for the places where real change for the better is already underway. Here are their 10 featured stories...
Finance to Serve the Economy
by Leslie Christian
How urgent is the financial situation? A Wall Street veteran says problems in finance don't mean the end of the economy.
Main Street Before Wall Street
by David Korten
Whose Bailout? Main Street is the world of local businesses and working people engaged in producing and exchanging real goods and services—a world of real wealth. Wall Street as it now exists is a world of pure money in which the sole game is to use money to make money for people who have money
Cura al guerrero, sana al país
by Edward Tick
Nuestro país no va a encontrar la paz hasta que asumamos la responsabilidad por nuestras guerras
Vida, libertad, agua
by Maude Barlow
Maude Barlow aconseja reducir el derroche y finalizar el control corporativo. Eso, o nos vamos a pelear por el agua.
Recuperando al maíz y a la cultura
by Wendy Call
Después de 14 años de perder con el TLCAN, los granjeros mexicanos están haciendo sus propias reglas para un comercio justo.
Un potencial aliado en la lucha contra el consumismo
by Dale Jiajun Wen
EE.UU. no exporta mucho a China, pero ha logrado una exportación mortal: un estilo de vida basado en el consumismo. Eso es algo que necesitamos cambiar, empezando por casa.