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The YES! website you are enjoying was launched in July 2009. It was designed and built by a collaboration between three organizations, Web Collective, Groundwire, and Bachrach Communications. The underlying platform making all these great new features possible is Plone, a powerful open source content management system.

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Web Collective

Web Collective serves sustainability-driven businesses and organizations with highly interactive websites that make a difference. They are fortunate to work with businesses, nonprofits and government agencies leading the way to positive futures. The company is an eight-member worker-owned cooperative in Seattle, WA who is actively practicing consensus decision-making and democratic principles in an attempt to demonstrate business can be done differently.

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Groundwire is a not-for-profit consulting firm that helps environmental groups connect with people. They are a change agent dedicated to helping communities thrive in harmony with their natural surroundings. They help environmental organizations more effectively engage their constituents and improve their ability to collaborate with one another.

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Bachrach Communications

Bachrach Communications is a small design and communications firm based in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. It specializes in delivering a full suite of design and communications services to not-for-profit clients, primarily in the environmental conservation field.


Plone is a powerful, flexible open source content management solution that is easy to install, use, and extend. Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information for a public website or an intranet using only a web browser. Plone is easy to understand and use—allowing users to be productive in just half an hour—yet offers a wealth of community-developed add-ons and extensibility to keep meeting your needs for years to come.