Thanks for helping YES! win on Support Your Media Day!

February 15th, 2012 was the first ever Support Your Media Day. Thousands of people around the country came together to support media for the 99% by donating to their favorite independent news organization. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Support Your Media Day

A BIG thank you to each of our 146 supporters who helped raise $5,630 for our campaign spread the solutions far and wide in the"End Corporate Rule" issue of YES! Magazine.


Wh#61 Coverat your donation makes possible:

Your donation keeps YES! a strong, independent voice for a more just and sustainable world. In particular, your contribution helps get copies of our spring issue, "We Can End Corporate Rule," to grassroots organizers, teachers, students, journalists, and legislators all across the country.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to spread stories of people undoing Citizens United, keeping the internet free from corporate control, and using pranks to raise awareness.

Our deepest thanks for supporting YES! and all independent media that care about the 99%.

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