Money, Politics, and Saving Our Democracy — Featuring Thom Hartmann

With live music, an enthusiastic crowd, and an insightful conversation with Thom Hartmann, our Town Hall celebration was a success! We're grateful for everyone who attended. Here are some pictures and video from the event.
Thom Hartmann photo

On September 12, 2014, YES! welcomed Thom Hartmann, the New York Times-bestselling author, historian, and acclaimed radio and TV host to Seattle.

Our venue, Town Hall, was packed with an enthusiastic crowd of more than 800. Editor in Chief Sarah van Gelder interviewed Thom on stage about one of the keys to solving our society’s many challenges—namely, reducing the influence of big money in politics.

A musical trio, Chassez, played a tribute to our late beloved friend, Pete Seeger. Through donations at the event, by mail, and online, we met our $20,000 matching goal for the event. We’re very grateful to everyone who joined us for the event and who helped us reach the goal.  Those contributions keep YES! thriving.

Here’s some video of the conversation between Sarah and Thom:

And here are some pictures of the event. Photos by Autumn Azure Photography.



Fran Korten and Tanya Dawkins

Thom Hartmann and Sarah van Gelder

Audience Laughing

Thom Hartmann and Sarah van Gelder

Audience Standing

Thom Hartmann and Sarah van Gelder


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