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Space Cartoon 165 px

If air is leaking out through my pony tail hole, is that bad?
Heidi Wright

Do you think they got it all cleaned up by now?

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Hamster cartoon

In the future, we'll power the rat race.

Andrew Sias

After arguing for billions of years about whether the Atkins diet or vegetarianism was better for weight loss, T & Stega gave up and hit the gym.


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Jars cartoon
Inside the Smithsonian's Archives of Poor Choices, 1980's-2009
Alane Cameron Miles

“In case of emergency… no, don't break the glass even then!”
Bobby Muldoon

“Fireflies were more fun!”
Carolyn Mullaney

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Slow Housing cartoon
“It may be small but its paid for.”

“Wait up! I want to talk with you guys about intelligent design!”
William Ray

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Bait cartoon
“Let's 'flip' for it. Heads or tails?”
Erik Petterson

I'M the early bird!" "No, I AM!
Rebecca Tibbits

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Bait cartoon
“No! Wait for the euro, boys.”
Alane Cameron Miles

“These humans are stupid if they think we're going to fall for the fallacy of consumerism!
Carrie Bail & Darius Jonathan

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Captain YES! cartoon
Susan Lippman

YES! to the rescue!
a fan

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Ears cartoon
“We needed that ethanol yesterday!”
Colin Hill

Monsanto’s latest effort at genetically motivated corn.
Bill Peregrine

“Places, everyone … Action!”
Aimee Patrick

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Knitting cartoon
“In all sincerity, if we are trying to knit Wallstreet together, there's no need for a head!”
Audrey Fusco

“This will definitely validate the Intelligent Design theory.
David Koblick

“Men go limp at the touch of my hands.”
Lisa Schultz

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Clothesline cartoon
“Usually she puts me in the dryer,
but we’re trying to save energy.”

Linda Pescatore

“It beats being taken to the cleaners.
Nick Hein

“I really thought 'hanging out to dry' was just an idiom.”
Cari Christenson

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Tank cartoon
“Intimidation only breeds resent and resistance. I’m still marking it a bogey.”
Reginald I. Durant

“I think you’re looking for the Gulf war.”
Paul Ventura

“I said ‘Fore!’ not ‘Fire!’”
Ellen Shepard

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Elephant cartoon
“Don’t worry, he’s out of gas.”
Elaine Norris

How come the elephant cookies get all the dough?
Sophie Bass

“You know, Hillary, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room anymore.”
Dan Brook

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Balloons cartoon

“One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the Cuckoo's nest.”

This way I can keep my eyes on you little people.
Deborah Burt

As a lobbyist for the balloon industry, I think we have a solution for monitoring the border!

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Lodge cartoon

Paul Cezanne said “There will come a day when a single carrot, freshly observed, will spark a revolution.” I'm still observing. —Dan Brook

Ah yes... brought it down with Roundup...
Veronica Boone

You should have seen the one that got away.
Kent McCullough

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Housing cartoon

Boxed in, in suburbia.
Greg Brooks-English

Self Storage
Annemarie Spitz

I figure in ten years, it will be double what I paid for it!

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Tandem cartoon

I'll see you when we get there.
Jack Foster

The committee reached a compromise solution.
Brooke Jarvis

This time, Jack and Jill could not go up the hill.
Paul Ventura

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DinoCar cartoon

No, YOU open the hood.
Elizabeth L'Abate

Supposedly it gets 35 miles per talon.
Linda Pescatore

Well, I wouldn't recommend rotating the tires.
Paul Ventura

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Fast Food cartoon

One caret or two?
Ann Brownrigg

May I see your carbon neutral certificate please?
Ron Rogers

Would you like some nutrition with that?

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Man in a Can cartoon

They said it was just temporary—
until my FEMA trailer came through.
Leona Skaar

I'm adding a guest room as soon as I can afford it.
Karen and Bill Scarvie

In Ken's household, a commitment to zero-waste has meant extra office space.
Zoe Montgomery

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Fishbowl cartoon

That wasn't what I meant by
having someone to look up to!
Paul Ventura

Harold wondered if he, too, could move up in the office.
Frank Lee

I don't think that's quite what the ergonomic handbook was going for.
Justine Simon

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Fishbowl cartoon

So many ways to sink or swim.
Henning Drager

I think we're going to need a bigger bowl!
Delphia F. Comstock

Did you see which way the cat went?
Linda Hutchinson

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Surf cartoon

Now I just have to find the right current.
Nick Hein

Sure it keeps your feet warm, but you can only surf the inshore break.
Townsend Twainhart

Dude, I like way need that solar kit!
Neill Gibson

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Dancing Penguins cartoon

It's a liberal myth, Mildred.
You're making a fool of both of us.
Ann Onimus

Hula knew this party would heat up so fast?!
Tara Drobnick

I hate to burst your bubble, Hilda, but the humans may actually get their act together and stop global warming.
Stacy Maurer

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Wedding Telephone cartoon

Add me to your healthplan, then we'll honeymoon.
Deni Mosser

It was my mother's ring.
Frank Wiley

If it's for me, tell them I am no longer available.
Linda Hutchinson

Winners appeared in Winter 2007 issue. More captions.

Hospital Flag cartoon

Well, yes, we were going to do a heart transplant. but we just couldn't find yours...
Richard Brooks

Somehow being wrapped in the flag doesn't help my spirits.
Jack Foster

You can choose whether you'd like to go to Poland or Zanzibar for your follow-up healthcare. Our veteran hospitals have been relocated to these free trade zones.
Anahata Pomero

Winners appeared in Fall 2006 issue. More captions.
Rabbit Ears cartoon

FDA customer service, may I help you? Yes, I understand your concern about modified plants or animals, which may have genetic changes that are unexpected and harmful. However, I've been eating genetically engineered food for years and it hasn't affected me!
Larry Langley

Whitehouse switchboard: "Tricks are NOT just for kids! We provide them for ALL Americans!
Louise Morgan

'It seems my emails are multiplying every day!
Karen M. Blass

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