Video: Youth Activists Crash Live Climate Denier Webcast

A group of young activists took over the stage, telling Americans for Prosperity that real prosperity comes from clean energy.

Posted by Brooke Jarvis at Dec 09, 2009 05:10 PM |
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Leaders of the conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity traveled to Copenhagen to produce an international segment of their "Hot Air Tour," a series of events staged in opposition to climate legislation in the United States. 

The tour is subtitled "Exposing the Ballooning Costs of Global Warming Hysteria," and the organizers' goal for their trip to Copenhagen, stated on their website, is to:

detail the hypocrisy of the U.N. Climate Change Conference and give you the opportunity to send your elected officials a crystal clear message: Don't you dare use this U.N. Conference to turn over our nation's energy policy to some international body that could care less about American prosperity.

Unfortunately for AFP, it didn't plan for the large and vocal contingent of youth activists from the U.S. currently in Copenhagen. During their live webcast, streamed to rallies across the U.S., a large group of youth took over the stage, chanting, "Real Americans for prosperity are Americans for clean energy."

Juliana Williams of It's Getting Hot in Here, which features dispatches from the youth climate movement, wrote:

The chant lasted five minutes, as the youth took the stage and displayed their message for the live video feed being sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, despite evasive action on the camera crew’s part. As they left the stage, Lord Monckton repeatedly called the activists “Hitler Youth” and “Nazis.”

Americans for Prosperity also posted the video, under the title "Eco Hypocrites Fly in Jets Across Atlantic to Attack AFP in Copenhagen."


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