Austin: Learning to Run a Cooperative

What does it take to start your own worker-owned cooperative?
Yo Mamas, Video Still


Fixing the Future is a one-hour PBS special, developed in collaboration with YES! Magazine, that profiles people and communities using innovative approaches to create jobs and build sustainable prosperity in our new economy.

In this segment, host David Brancaccio visits Austin, Texas,  to learn more about the people behind Yo Mama's Catering Cooperative and Third Coast Workers for Cooperation, an organization that helps people start their own worker-owned cooperatives.

  • Meet the community pioneers who are building a new economy from the ground up.
  • : Robert Jensen and Carlos Pérez de Alejo (Third Coast Workers for Cooperation) describe the thinking behind one of the few worker-owned-and-operated cafés operating in the United States.
  • Low-income women are starting cooperative businesses, becoming their own bosses, and creating lasting prosperity for themselves and their families.