Bellingham, Washington: Good Jobs, Locally Grown

Video: David Brancaccio of Fixing the Future shows how this close-knit community is keeping jobs close to home.
Bellingham, video still


Fixing the Future is a one-hour PBS special, developed in collaboration with YES! Magazine, that profiles people and communities using innovative approaches to create jobs and build sustainable prosperity in our new economy.

In this segment, host David Brancaccio visits with members of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies and Sustainable Connections, organizations that are working to keep the Bellingham economy thriving.


  • : David Korten and David Brancaccio discuss what economic transformation has to do with building stronger, happier communities.
  • : By working with local businesses, Michelle Long helped make Bellingham, Washington a national leader in urban sustainability.
  • : Imagine a no-holds-barred “summit” that comes up with ideas to solve both our job and environmental problems. What might it come up with?