Inside the YES! Worm Bin

From the climate action blog: The YES! office benefits from the composting action of many thousands of now-famous worms.

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The YES! Magazine worm bin came out of a lunchtime discussion among staff seven years ago. Since the staff all ate lunch together every day, "we were always noticing how much food waste we had and thought, 'wouldn't it be great if we could so something with it?'" says Rod Arakaki, audience development director. Rod had a friend who donated his time to build the bin.

Employees put food scraps in a smaller bin that managing editor Doug Pibel puts in the worm bin, and staff sometimes take compost home for their gardens.

As for the worms, they are famous (if famous means mentioned on the back cover of the Fall 2009 issue of YES! Magazine). And no, interns did not have to hand-count the worms.   


We keep the bin close to the back (it's just a few feet from the kitchen). It's easy to remember to put scraps toward the worm bin.


Do you compost at work or at home? Have a similar story or idea? Let us know.

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