5 Days! (But Who's Counting?)

Everybody Eats

So how have I done?

I’ve eaten through three turnips, five potatos, three onions, half a garlic head, bunches of kale and chard, 11 eggs, a quart of milk, a pint of cherry tomatoes, a pint of strawberries, two apples and three asian pears, a big bag of lettuce, three cuke-ettes, a small bag of basil, one pound of Long Family beef, raw honey from island apiaries, a few snow peas, leftover chicken from Britt and Eric’s wedding, green beans—plus from my garden I’ve gotten three carrots, four zukes, some kale, some oregano, and a bowl of green beans. From the roadside I got a pint of blackberries and nary a scratch, as I was out there with my protective clothing, clippers and a hoe (yes, these are killer berries). From my neighbor’s daughter I got goat cheese that I’m still working on. And I don’t know what I would have done without my exotics: oil, tea/coffee, lemons, salt.

I think that’s it. Sobering, really, to both see how much I eat and how vulnerable I am to Tricia continuing to produce enough.

Everybody Eats
How a community food system works.

Yesterday I was stressed to the max and when I’m stressed I need CRUNCH. I chowed down on an asian pear and zuke chips and green beans and would have given anything for some crackers and nuts. Sobering to see that as well. But I didn’t cave or cheat. And now I’m determined to find those hazelnuts people have been talking about. I went out for a de-stressing walk and found myself scouting for fruit trees for gleaning. I think I found a local walnut tree. Are the nuts that fall outside the fence mine? Ahh, setting boundaries and developing morals for 10-mile living.

I’ll have a berry smoothie, the last of the salad, and steamed veggies for lunch and then start on box two this evening. Wonder what else is in store from Tricia? I could get uppity and put in orders for what I want, but I think part of the fun is the pure surrender to what is provided. That is another part of "natural eating."


from Vicki's blog about her 10-mile diet.


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