Video: On the Water With Seattle “Kayaktivists” Who Stood Up to Big Oil

They couldn’t stop the massive rig from heading to Alaska’s Chukchi Sea. But they seem to have invented a new, waterborne form of activism along the way.

Shell No! Kayaktivism To Stop Arctic Offshore Drilling from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

In the culmination of nearly two months of protest, Seattle-based activists made their last stand against the Polar Pioneer as the oil rig departed from Elliott Bay on Monday, June 15, for a drilling expedition in the Arctic.

More than a dozen people were taken into custody during the event.

The Royal Dutch Shell rig arrived in Puget Sound on April 17 to the displeasure of a fleet of “kayaktivists,” protesters who took the water in kayaks, rowboats, and other watercraft. Greenpeace and the local organization Backbone Campaign staged several public demonstrations in an effort to delay  maintenance on the rig and bring awareness to issues with Arctic oil exploration.

In this video by Len Davis of Pangeality Productions, protesters put themselves in the path of Polar Pioneer’s exit. More than a dozen people were taken into custody during the event, but activists remain hopeful that their actions caused Shell to lose its summer exploration window in the Arctic.

According to a news release from Alaska Climate Action Network, the rig will begin drilling in the Chukchi Sea on July 1. As of June 19, Polar Pioneer is moving north along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

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