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The Page That Counts :: Summer 2008
by Noah Grant, Margit Christenson
Percentage of plastic bags that end up in the trash: 99. Percent reduction of plastic bag use in Ireland after the government began taxing bags in 2002: 95 …
The Page That Counts :: Spring 2008
by Brooke Jarvis
Amount of its roads budget that Copenhagen devotes to services and infrastructure for cyclists: 1/3. Amount of money that a community gains for every mile biked instead of driven: 50 cents ...
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2008
by Margit Christenson
Percentage of American 13- to 24-year-olds stating that time with family is the one thing that makes them the happiest: ...
The Page That Counts :: Fall 2007
by Zach Kyle
Women:: Bacteria:: Pharmaceuticals:: Seatbelt Safety:: Medicare:: Scooter Libby:: Punkin Chunkin:: Squatters:: Afghan deaths:: 9/11 Compensation
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2007
by Catherine Bailey
Bee loss :: Computer dependency :: Cheery dyed sheep :: Political freshman :: Relative disrespect towards women :: Birth-control, abstinence and sex education :: Worker stress and salaries :: Perceptions of global warming ...
The Page That Counts :: Spring 2007
by Sarah Kuck
Classification of documents in the U.S. :: Environmental impact of Victoria's Secret :: Air traffic's contribution to climate change :: U.S. personal savings :: Women's rights and suffrage :: Bottled and potable water costs :: Days spent by U.S. troops in World War II and Iraq :: Hugs and touches
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2007
by Catherine Bailey
Miles of roadside land reserved for a tree-planting campaign in the Philippines in August, 2006: 2137 ...
The Page That Counts
by Daina Saib
Percentage of consumers polled who say they would pay more for books or magazines printed on recycled paper: 80 ...
The Page That Counts
by Elle McPherson
Number of karate club members hired at a New Zealand rally to protect 140 vintage cars against pecking by native parrots attracted to shiny objects:
The Page That Counts
by Andrew Lovejoy
Number of years in which New York officials hope to have converted the city’s entire fleet to hybrid-powered: . . .
The Page That Counts
by Valerie Doyle, Lilja Otto
Percentage of Internet users who say being online has helped their ability to meet new people: . . .
The Page That Counts :: Fall 2005
Average amount each American spends on health care each year: . . .
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2005
Amount less tooth decay in children attending sunlit, rather than artificially lit, schools: . . .
The Page That Counts :: Spring 2005
Weight of the moose that ran off a cliff in Norway and landed on Leo Henriksen’s Mazda. . .
The Page that Counts :: Winter 2005
Percent of the nation’s poor who live in the suburbs: . . . .