Signs of Life

Small stories about big change

Signs of Life :: Bolivia Constitution Reform Likely
by Jim Shultz
Bolivia is poised to pass a new constitution aimed at providing indigenous autonomy, land reform, and popular control of natural resources.
Signs of Life :: Iraq's Nonviolence Activism
by Kristin Carlsen
More than 100 citizen groups in all 18 Iraqi provinces participated in a Week of Nonviolence, aimed at reducing violence in the January 2009 provincial elections.
Signs of Life :: Climate Spurs Direct Action
by Noah Grant, Madeline Ostrander
Climate direct action, such as this year's climate camps, wins support.
Signs of Life :: Community Banks Weathering the Storm
by Anne Moore Odell
Community banks provide safe haven in economic storm.
Signs of Life :: Small Stories About Big Change
Community Banks Weathering the Storm; Climate Spurs Direct Action; States Hold First Carbon Auction; Iraq’s Nonviolence Activism; Bolivia Constitution Reform Likely
Signs of Life :: Human Rights
Indigenous communities in Canada scored a major victory on June 3, when logging was halted on the traditional territory of the Grassy Narrows First Nation in Ontario. Also, labor unions in California are backing the right of same-sex couples to marry.
Signs of Life :: Energy
Signs of Life :: Foreign Policy
Activists and political leaders across the country are saying “no” to U.S. military action against Iran and demanding that the U.S. government pursue real diplomacy.
Signs of Life :: Small Stories About Big Change
Small Stories about Big Change. Our Fall 2008 indicators of a more positive future.
Signs of Life :: Prison Reform
by Brooke Jarvis
A Chance for a New Life After Prison
Signs of Life :: Health Care
by Noah Grant
Support Grows for National Plan
Signs of Life :: Corporations
by Margit Christenson, Madeline Ostrander
Towns Rein in Corporate Power; Exxon Faces Court Challenges
Signs of Life :: Human Rights
by Brooke Jarvis
Chile Recognizes Indigenous Rights
Signs of Life :: Elections
by Noah Grant
States Back the Popular Vote
Signs of Life :: Small Stories About Big Change