YES! But How?

If you're looking for practical ways to live sustainably, just ask us.

YES! But How? :: Looking Polished
by Dana Saib, Lilja Otto
Natural alternatives to nail polish, garbage disposal vs. worms, making berry jam, and indoor air quality tips. If you're searching for practical ways to live sustainably, just ask us.
YES! But How? :: Eco-friendly Party
by Daina Saib, Lilja Otto
How to throw a sustainable party, finding grass-fed beef and the real, environmental cost of transportation.
YES! But How? :: Work With, Not Against, Nature
Practical tips on local organic food, yoga mats, gardening, and the best tampons for the environment.
YES! But How? :: Paint Job
Safe Painting, Spam, Vegetable Oil Soap, Aprovecho Stoves
YES! But How? :: Lumber Certification
Lumber Certification, Water Temperature for Hand Dishwashing, Recycling Electronics, Organic Food
YES! But How? :: Toxic Cosmetics
Toxic Cosmetics, Septic Tank vs Sewer, Recycling CDs, Microwave Safety
YES! But How? :: Privacy, Slugs, Recycling Cards, and Glasses
Protecting privacy, nontoxic slug disposal, unwanted bulk mail, reusing greeting cards, and recycling old glasses
YES! But How? :: Broken Office Equipment
Recycling office equipment, Microwave vs conventional ovens, Radioactive smoke alarms, Socially responsible investing
YES! But How? :: Spring Cleaning
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Annie Berthold, Ask Annie, offers household hints and helps answer your questions.
YES! But How? :: Cleaning
Dry Cleaning, Cleaning Baseboard Heaters, Recycling Cooking Oil, Heating systems, Teapot Cleaning, Silver Cleaning and Brass Cleaning
YES! But How? :: Hazards of Non-Stick Cookware
by Rachel Milanez, Becky Brun
Household tips to live more sustainably: Non-stick Cookware Safety, Refrigerator Efficiency, Expired Medicine, Recycling Cell Phones, and Leftover Soap.
YES! But How? :: Sustainble Wedding Rings
by Megan Tady, Jeremy Eckert
Tips on sustainable wedding rings, ecological dishwasher detergent, grout stains and batteries. If you're searching for practical ways to live sustainably, just ask us.
YES! But How? :: E-Voting, Shaving, Scorpions, Paper v. Plastic
household hints and helps, Register to vote on-line, Environmentally friendly shaving, Scorpion control, Grocery bags, Safe juice & water bottles
YES! But How? :: Off the Grid
Household hints and helps, living off the grid, sustainable burials, alternatives to plywood roof decking, greywater on gardens, and reusing envelopes.
YES! But How? :: Noxious Weeds
Eco-friendly household hints and helps for eradicating noxious weeds, choosing between cloth and disposable diapers, and dealing with candle soot damage.