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YES! for Teachers brings solutions for a better world into classrooms nationwide. We are dedicated to deepening your students’ connection with contemporary issues and inspiring them to take charge of—not be overwhelmed by—their world.

Here are some of our education resources:

  • Free one-year subscription to YES!
    Bring bold stories and positive solutions to your classroom! Offer for middle school-university teachers and school librarians. New subscribers only.
  • National Student Writing Competition
    Each school quarter we offer your students an opportunity to write for a real-world audience, and to reflect on something meaningful.
  • E-Newsletter
    Get curricula, writing lessons, and other teaching resources, plus information about the YES! National Student Writing Competition.
  • Student Writing Lessons
    Search no more! We’ve done the work for you. Each ready-to-write lesson has a YES! story (non-fiction text), compelling writing prompt, and sample essays. An invitation for your students to contemplate how their values, opinions, and actions fit into their world.
  • “Let’s Talk About” Collections
    Uneasy talking about controversial topics like school shootings or #MeToo with your students? You supply the courage. We supply the resources that offer multiple perspectives—and get to the truth.

We are honored to be a part of your teaching.

If you have any questions about YES! For Teachers, please contact Jing at 206.842.5009 ext. 225 or [email protected]

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