Connect and Engage: Food and Water

Give your students more hands-on activities with these captivating lesson plans about life’s most basic means of survival: food and water.
snapshot of Summer 2008 Newsletter

Great Resources for Teaching about Food and Water

from the Summer 2008 YES! Education Connection Newsletter

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The food crisis is all over the news. But resignation won't get us anywhere. Inspire your students and bring solution-oriented curriculum material and direct action into your classroom. These two organizations are a good place to start.

:: Water Partners
:: National Farm to College Program

Water Partners logo
Cover of YES! Magazine's Water issue
Whose Water?: Check out the water issue of YES! Magazine


SEE WEBSITE :: WaterPartners

WaterPartners International is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed exclusively to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. Since its inception in 1990, Water Partners has transformed thousands of lives with access to safe water and sanitation in eight countries—Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and the Philippines. By forging partnerships with carefully-screened partner organizations and offering innovative financing methods through its WaterCredit Initiative, WaterPartners empowers local communities to develop and sustain solutions to their own water needs.

See global water supply lesson plans here.


National Farm to College Program logo
Photo by UM Missoula Dining Services
Montana Farms Go to School, YES! Magazine issue 37, Go Local.

Community Food Security Coalition: National Farm to College Program

SEE WEBSITE :: National Farm to College Program

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a collective of social and economic justice, environmental, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, community development, labor, anti-poverty, anti-hunger, and other groups. It is dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local, and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. In addition to the National Farm to College program, CFSC manages a National Farm to School Program in partnership with the Center for Food & Justice, at Occidental College.

See a guide to the Farm to College Program here.



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