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March 2010 Newsletter Snapshot



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Stories of Peace for Your Classroom
The powerful Voices in Wartime documentary and lesson plans, Change Starts Here curriculum on Desmond Tutu and other Nobel-winners, lessons from Darfur, and a man who makes guitars out of guns.
Stand Up to Corporate Power
Wangari Maathai and the YES! Earth Charter Curriculum, Universal Declaration of Human Rights poster, "China Blue" documentary on sweatshops, Peak Moment interviews, and "Instant Karma" CD for Darfur.
Living Well - for Peace
An edible school yard, the YES! Earth Charter Curriculum in action, and sixth grade girls learning about immigration through friendship. Facing the Future teaches poverty, population, and climate change.
Cuba's Cure
Why does Cuba spend much less than America on healthcare, and yet have far healthier citizens? Learn about Cuba's commitment to free medical training and sending doctors to international disaster zones.
U.S. Human Rights
Young people write poetry for the "What About Peace?" Project, YES! Human Rights Curricular Module, Spanish translation of an article about the US treatment of immigrants.
Renewing our (sometimes) beautiful nation
How can the U.S. regain its good name? Articles on how to make trade more fair and renew abandoned cities. Also great resources from the UN Development Program and the Environmental Justice Resource Center.