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With biographies, personal interviews, and powerful images, the Academy of Achievement provides the opportunity for students to find a modern hero that resonates with their life. A content-rich Achiever Gallery of photos and a well-organized curriculum are terrific resources for hero projects or studies.
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Your students will realize they know more heroes than they think when they visit the Academy of Achievement. This easy-to-navigate website provides students with biographies, personal interviews, and powerful image, and ample opportunities to find modern heroes who resonate with their lives.

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The Academy of Achievement Achieve*Net Curriculum is flush with free multi-media lessons for middle through high school students. Topics span achievement areas of Public Service, The Arts, Business, Science and Exploration, and Sports. Each topic offers learning modules that include video interviews and podcasts, and an educator guide.

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Keys to Success
Keys to Success by Brenda Clarke

photo by Brenda Clarke

Keys to Success identifies six core principles that successful achievers use to reach their goals—passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance, and integrity. For each principle, there is a collection of heroes accompanied by biographies, interviews, profiles, and photos.Interviews with academy members describe in their own voices how these principles can be applied to the path to success. There's also a quote of the day. Guaranteed inspiration!


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For more Academy of Achievement resources, including one that matches your students to role models with similar dreams and challenges, visit the official website.




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