Occupy Wall Street

Resources from YES! Magazine and NY Times Learning Network will familiarize your students with Occupy Wall Street.

Resources from YES! Magazine and the New York Times Learning Network help your students understand the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Occupy Wall Street

YES! Magazine


Ongoing coverage of the people's movement to take back our democracy and build a new economy. YES! offers articles about the latest on Occupy Wall Street, building a new economy, and other people’s movements.

Click here for YES! Occupy Wall Street resources

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NY Times: The Learning Network

The NY Times Learning Network has bundled an impressive package of activities to teach your students about Occupy Wall Street.  Get your students warmed up with a quiz that matches campaign slogans with organizations. Choose from 10 activities to suit your curriculum and learning objectives. Standout activities include: “Debate the Movement’s Potential,” “Investigate the Role of Digital Tools,” Compare Wall Street with Other Movements, and “Brand the Movement” (a look at OWS logos).

Click here for NY Times Learning Network "Who are the 99%?" lessons

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