The Corporation

Watch a new video about an eighth grade class using The Corporation film as a discussion starter. Share with your students using free curriculum from The Ontario Institute of Studies in Education.
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The Corporation

Part film and part movement, The Corporation takes corporate person hood to the next level. Watch as they psychoanalyze the corporation, and ask, What kind of person are you? With interviews from corporate insiders and critics, learn the true impact of treating corporations as legal persons.




Free Teacher Resource

A teacher's resource guide was created for The Corporation by The Ontario Institute of Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. With curriculum for secondary schools, and lesson plans, this free guide is a great way to bring The Corporation into the classroom, in a good way.




The Corporation in the classroom

The Corporation in the Grade 8 Classroom

“I never really thought about corporations, I never really knew what was behind the scenes.”—Eighth Grade Student 

The Corporation in the Grade 8 Classroom is a short film that shows how one teacher embraced The Corporation as a teaching tool. You might be surprised by how engaged these Canadian eighth graders are with the concept of corporate power.



Transcripts and extras

Though designed for the house party screening campaign this section has an excellent collection of discussion questions and fact sheet that can be applied to the classroom setting to generate group inquiry.




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