ThinkB4YouSpeak helps straight teens understand why "that's so gay" and other common slurs may be unintentional but hurtful to their Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) classmates.





How often  do you hear the phrase “That’s so gay,” on your school campus?  Though this casual language is usually said without thought by straight teens, the effects can be negative for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) classmates. It creates a learning environment where they feel disrespected, unwanted, and unsafe.

The ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign, sponsored by the Gay Straight Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN), aims to raise awareness among straight teens about the pervasiveness and impact of the prejudice their LGBT classmates face at school. Its ultimate goal is to stamp out use of homophobic language to create a more positive school environment for all teens.


GLSEN, a national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students, has created an educator’s guide with six activities for middle and high school teachers.  Activities include “Where Do I Stand?," “Breaking the Habit, ” and "From Bystander to Ally."

Click here to access the ThinkB4YouSpeak Educator Guide.


Public Service Announcement (PSA)Campaign

GLSEN and The Ad Council have created a national PSA campaign of print, TV, and radio ads to call attention to anti-LGBT language used at school. The ads not only point out how ridiculous the slurs are, but also how hurtful it is to LGBT teens.  Simply said: Knock it off. Think before you speak.

Share the "That's So Gay" video featuring Wanda Sykes with your students.

To view other TV ads, click here.

VISIT: For more resources from GLSEN click here.

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