Why Women's Stories Matter

In this New York Times Learning Network lesson plan, students examine their school curriculum and personal experiences on reading stories about and by women. Through this analysis, they will deepen their understanding of why women's stories matter.
Zapatista mural in San Pedro Polhó. Photo by Ribelo.

A Zapatista mural in San Pedro Polhó. Photo by Ribelo / Flickr.



"Why have women been underrepresented in literature and film? Are there 'boy stories' and 'girl stories,' or are there simply 'human stories'? What are we missing by not hearing women’s stories?" These are a few of the questions you and your students will explore when you use this lesson from The New York Times' The Learning Network.

Complete with handouts, discussion questions, and ideas for creative projects, this lesson will get your students thinking about why women's stories matter.

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