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World Savvy prepares the next generation to learn, work, and thrive as responsible and engaged global citizens. It provides curriculum and other classroom-ready resources, professional development, and an educator network to boost student global competency.
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If students want to change their world, they not only need to understand how it works, but they also need the skills—and will— to cope, collaborate, and be resilient.

You can help your students become responsible and informed world citizens through World Savvy. Its programs and resources help middle and high school students learn how to think rather than what to think about crucial global and community issues. Critical thinking, media literacy, and teamwork are emphasized, along with understanding of historical context of events, and empathy for others.



Sustainable Solar Panels

Photo by Paul Dunn

Sustainable Communities Theme Resources

World Savvy has assembled an impressive package of Sustainable Communities curricula, lesson plans, video, and web sources. A number of sustainability-related issues—human rights, water, consumption, distribution of resources, and more— are addressed by curriculum veterans and on-the-ground non-profits

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Oxfam International Climate Change Canvas4

Oxfam International Canvas on Climate Change by Ashley Cecil

World Savvy Monitor

“The Monitor” is a free online publication for educators that provides thorough introductory background on global issues, such as Global Status of Women, Pakistan, Modern China, and more. This is not your ordinary primer.

Colorful charts and timelines, overarching themes, and thoughtful analysis will give your students a rich framework for understanding the particular issue or theme. A Classroom Companion accompanies each section, providing questions and activities that dig deeper and challenge your students’ thinking. Plus, a Salon Guide suggests conversation starters for small group or class discussions, in addition to more quality resources.

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World Savvy Students & Globe

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World Savvy Challenge

Looking for a project-based learning opportunity for your students? The World Savvy Challenge program offers theme-based resources, a step-by-step guide, and rubrics to engage your students in global problem solving. Themes change every two to three years.

The theme for 2011-13 is Sustainable Communities. Students will explore a number of topics and aspects under the umbrella of Sustainable Communities, from climate change to poverty to consumption, and more. Students then have a chance to present their research and solutions to the community through creative performances, exhibits, websites and documentaries at live and online competitions.

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For additional resources, professional development, and youth engagement opportunities, visit World Savvy’s official website


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World Savvy has an ambitious goal—to nurture today’s young people with the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors needed to thrive in an interconnected global community. Since 2002, it has worked with over 270,000 students and 3,000 educators across the country to deepen global competence and understanding. Visit World Savvy homepage.