Happiness in the Classroom and Beyond

Classroom resources from the Sustainable Happiness issue of YES! Magazine.

When did you last ask yourself, “How am I doing? How can I be happy and bring happiness to the lives of others?”

These articles from the Sustainable Happiness issue of YES! Magazine make great fodder for those reflections. And with a poster, an interactive graphic, an audio interview, and a video, there are plenty of ways to bring them into your classroom.

Scientists can tell us how to be happy. Really. Here are 10 ways, with the research to prove it.
Colin -No-Impact-Man- Beavan and his daughter, photo by Paul Dunn
This family had a merry Christmas without adding to anybody’s pile of stuff.
Jarid Manos. courtesy Great Plains Conservation Council
In the city, he drank and sold drugs. Then Jarid Manos moved to the prairie.
Dee Williams tiny house. Photo by Betty Udesen
What Dee Williams learned about freedom when she “downsized” to a tiny house on wheels.



10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy

Americans, as a people, are determined to be happy. Ads, talk shows, and gadgets boast of the many ways you can “get happy.” This poster cheerfully shares with you and your students 10 scientifically proven strategies for getting happy. And the best part? They’re all free.

10 Things Science Will Make You Happy

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Read Colin Beavan's blog at noimpactman.typepad.com.

Christmas With No Presents?

It’s not only at Christmas that Colin “No Impact Man” Beavan lives with less (or, in the end, more). For a year, Beavan and his family tried to live with the lowest possible environmental impact. This meant not making trash, using any form of carbon-producing transportation, and not buying anything new. Read this story with your students and ponder: Does this lifestyle feel like deprivation or freedom?

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Colin Beavans on Democracy Now!





Living Large In a Tiny House

Remodeling her 3-bedroom house was no longer a priority after Dee Williams discovered a dear friend got cancer. She eventually got rid of her house and her mortgage, trading it for an 84 square-foot house she built in someone’s backyard. What she lost in square footage, she gained in freedom.

Williams left many items behind. She allows herself to own no more than 300 items, and maintains a careful count. If you had to trim down to 300 things, what would they be?

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Cover of Jarid Manos' book Ghetto Plainsman
For Jarid Manos new book Ghetto Plainsman, go to your local bookstore or .

Life Reclaimed

Throughout his young life, Jarid Manos saw the world as hostile and he fought back with anger and crime. Nature was his refuge. Now an activist and father, Manos heads the Great Plains Restoration Council. The Council recruits and partners with youth from inner cities and Native American communities to restore prairies. He finds happiness in helping kids open doors to speak out, become a leader, and hone their language skills.

Ask your students if they could help someone or do something that they could throw their energy into and find satisfaction, who or what would that be?

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