Who Participated in No Impact Week? Meet the Students!

Meet six students who started the New Year tracking their trash, taking record-breaking showers, battling the bus system, and learning that green is the color for all seasons.
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Six high school students from around the country joined nearly 3,000 people for No Impact Week, January 2-9, 2011—a one-week carbon cleanse that challenged people to understand how much impact they have on the environment day to day. They tracked their trash, took shorter showers, powered down their electronics, took the bus, and learned what their carbon footprints really look like.  Read their blogs to learn about the most challenging and memorable moments throughout the week.


AsheheadshotMeet Ashe

I am a 17-year-old junior in high school. The reason I wanted to do this is that I wanted to see if I could really commit to this.  It's not easy to be eco-friendly 24/7 but if I could last at least a week, reducing my carbon footprint as a teenager, maybe I could last even longer.  I mainly wanted to do this project for the experience. It seemed really fun and something that would ultimately be beneficial.

Read Ashe's No Impact Week blog here

Grace_headshotMeet Grace

My name is Grace, and I’m a senior at Bainbridge High School on Bainbridge Island, Washington. I don’t think there’s anyone else at BHS who’s participating in No Impact Week; actually, I know there’s not. However, it is a challenge I am willing to take on.

Ryan_headshotMeet Ryan

I am a high school senior at St. John’s School in Houston, Texas. I chose to participate in No Impact Week because I see it as a great opportunity for growth. Although I  consider myself environmentally conscious, I believe this week will push my limits and help me find increased ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I also believe participating in a No Impact Week is a great way to inform others of the actions they can take to protect our environment.

Read Ryan's No Impact Week blog here

Mary_headshotMeet the Chattanooga Girls

We are a group of juniors at Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga, Tennessee and we signed up for No Impact Week because we wanted to learn how to live without the excess. Every day, our actions have a negative effect on our environment and we want to figure out how to decrease our harm to the environment by living more simply. We’ve been studying the No Impact concept, and by participating in No Impact Week, we hope to learn what we could do without in our lives.


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ACT: Did you miss out on No Impact Week?  You can do it on your own anytime! Go to www.noimpactproject.org to learn more and sign up.
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