Questions for Reflection: The Lake and the 'Hood

For the article “The Lake and the 'Hood”
YES! “Whose Water?” issue #28, pages 22-25

(1) Cooperation between environmentalists, bird lovers, community activists, and urban youth leads to the protection of a desert lake. Despite a long history of fights over water rights and uses, this alliance unites the power of young people with the resources they need to make positive and lasting change in their community. Define and briefly describe the following terms:

receding shorelines

"public trust"

water guzzler

(2) The author writes that the water demands from the city and the increasing diversions of water from the streams that feed the lake caused “ecological havoc.” The level of the lake dropped significantly. What were three other negative effects for the lake?

(3) Besides using low-flush toilets, in what other ways can East Los Angeles youth effectively encourage L.A. residents to care for the Mono Lake ecosystem and conserve water?

(4) The article shows the benefits of cooperation and building alliances to get things done even when people's views are different. Let's look at a totally different problem, one that many youth have to deal with: bullying. How might this approach work with a problem like bullying?

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