Questions for Students: Bringing Biodiesel from Colorado to Colombia

Questions for reflection and discussion from the article "Bringing Biodiesel from Colorado to Colombia"


Questions for Students for the article “Bringing Biodiesel from Colorado to Colombia”

YES! “Can We Live Without Oil?” issue #31, pages 26-28

(1) Citizens of Gaviotas are working to create a self-sustaining community in Colombia. Students at the University of Colorado are converting cafeteria waste into environmentally-friendly fuel. The two groups teamed up to design and build a biodiesel plant in Bogotá. Define and briefly describe the following terms:




(2) Andrew Azman worked on several environmental campaigns before he started the CU Biodiesel Project. How was the biodiesel project different from his other campaigns?

(3) List three innovations (besides biodiesel) that the Gaviotans are using to create and foster a sustainable lifestyle.

(4) The author calls Gaviotas a beacon of hope “for those committed to making sustainable technology and practices a working reality.” The Gaviotas are working to be fully self-sustaining. Is this a goal they should strive towards? Is this something Americans should be striving towards?

(5) Think about transportation issues in your community. Is there traffic congestion? Can you ride your bike safely? Is there bus service? Do you drive or do you have to be driven around to your activities? Pick a transporation issue that affects your life in a negative way and write about some possible alternatives to deal with the problem.

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