Questions for students: Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope

For the article “Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope: Got seeds?”
YES! “Our Planet, Our Selves” issue #25, pages 31-33

(1) In Watts, California—a district in South Central Los Angeles where high crime, gang warfare and poverty crush the hopes of its residents—“The Seed Lady” sows a better future through organic gardening. Together with youth throughout the area she plants and harvests organic foods and helps build new dreams. Define and briefly describe the following terms:

organic foods:

highly processed foods:

“CSA” project:

(2) What does the author mean when she writes, “the environment in Watts is toxic?” What are some of the problems her community faces?

(3) Do you think there are positive outcomes for young people who are growing and harvesting their own food? What are they? Have you ever grown something—plants, flowers, or food?


(4) Do you think that urban real estate is “too valuable” to be used for gardening?

(5) The author says that “the people are the power.” Share one idea you have that could make your school or community a better place to be.

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