Resources to Teach #BlackLivesMatter

Dare to ask your students what they want to talk about regarding Michael Brown’s death, the roots of this tragedy, and how they can stand up to racial injustice.
Alicia Garza and Bay Area Black Lives Matter photo by Kristin Little

Alicia Garza with the Bay Area chapter of #BlackLivesMatter. Photo by Kristin Little.

Your students have, no doubt, heard about the tragic deaths and mistreatment of so many unarmed Black Americans. And, now what?

Here is a selection of articles, lesson plans, and stories from YES!-trusted partners, like Teaching for Change, Rethinking Schools, I Am an Educator (Jesse Hagopian), Teaching Tolerance, and Zinn Education Project. You'll also find mind-changing insights from publications and educators you might not be familiar with—yet.

A good place to start is the article, "Dos and Don'ts for Teaching About Ferguson," by The Root's Jenée Desmond-Harris. Do ask your students what they want to talk about. Don't try to make it colorblind.

You know your students best. Choose what you think will resonate with them and start a meaningful discussion. Whatever you do, do something. This issue is not going away soon.


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