Spotlight on Green

A collection of education resources about "Green." From the environment to the economy, bring green into the classroom.
Winter Green Solar Panel photo by Paul Dunn

Photo by Paul Dunn.


Spring has sprung, and we're thinking about green. From our planet to our economy, green has meaning in our lives. We've collected resources for you to "green" your classroom. Honor the earth, consider the color, and talk about money with your students using these YES! resources.





Green Jobs rallyThe Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Teaching Toolbox offers a five-part series of lesson plans for high school classrooms. interactive activities explore key themes of Green-Collar Jobs Campaign's work, including: green economy, eco-equity and eco-privilege, model cities, and restorative justice.

TEACH about green jobs


Grace Porter Who participated in No Impact Week 2011? Meet the students! These six students started the New Year tracking their trash, taking record-breaking showers, battling the bus system, and learning that green is the color for all seasons.

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10 best things we can do for animals SMALLWhat are the 10 Best Things We Can Do For Animals? YES! asked Jane Goodall to tell us what we can do in our everyday lives to care for the animals we love. Download or buy this colorful poster to make your classroom a little more green.

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Guy Fawkes featureWho is that masked man?  Explore a different kind of green power with this visual literacy lesson plan that focuses on the Guy Fawkes mask image and the issue of corporate power and deception.

EXPLORE a different green power

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