Teaching Social Movements

A collection of YES! resources for teaching about Occupy and other social movements.
1% Words That Inspire Thumb

Wondering how to teach your students about today's social movements? From Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street—originator of the now-famous slogan, "We are the 99%"—YES! resources will help your students understand how movements are built and are shifting the kind of society people believe are possible.


We are the 1% in solidarity with the 99%

In this photo essay, the 1% share their messages of why they stand with the 99%. A classroom activity asks your students to explore what makes a sign powerful and to create a sign that represents them as individuals or as a classroom.



This Changes Everything Thumb"This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement"

Stumped on a book you can use to teach your students about the Occupy Wall Street movement? YES! Magazine editor Sarah van Gelder has compiled a collection of essays and articles on what OWS means and how it has fundamentally altered the national conversation about the society we want to create.


Occupy Wallstreet curriculum thumbOccupy Wall Street Articles and Curriculum

Use YES! articles and NY Times Learning Network curriculum to familiarize your students with Occupy Wall Street and to dive into deeper conversation about the roots of the movement and its potential impact.



Egypt Protest

Revolution Doesn't Happen Overnight

It's tempting to expect quick results from the recent protests across the globe. This article can help your students understand that successful People Power movements are usually protracted struggles.



Jessy Tolkan thumb

Power Shift

Our Young people are leading the way for clean energy and social justice. YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder interviews student activist Jessy Tolkan, a co-founder of one of 50 youth-led environmental and social justice organizations behind Power Shift.



Everyday Acts of Resistance

10 Everyday Acts of Resistance That Changed The World

Explore a global and historical context for social movement success. Engage in the multimedia story of how regular people,from Denmark to Liberia, have stood up to power—and won.




TAG thumb

No History Is Illegal: A Campaign to Save Our Stories

Though the No History is Illegal February teach-in is over, the curriculum, and the need to discuss this issue with students, remains. Use this valuable collection of teacher stories and class resources.


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