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Heifer International is renowned for giving animals as a sustainable source of food and income to those in need—changing lives forever. Its resources educate and energize people of all ages, empowering them to help others and build a better world.
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There is something powerful and long-lasting about giving people a “hand up” not a “handout.”  And, Heifer International embraces this philosophy.
The inspirational non-profit is not just about raising and giving away lambs, chicks, and other animal offspring to those in need.  What Heifer does is life changing for millions of people all over the world.

YES! recommends Heifer International and its resources on global trade and justice that demonstrate—thoughtfully and enthusiastically—how you and your students can loosen the grip on hunger and poverty and build a more sustainable world. Not only will your students learn how animals can lift people out of poverty and hunger, but also how to become more informed and active global citizens.

An abundance of service-learning activities, hands-on programs, and free, downloadable lessons, await you. Here is a sample of what’s available. Be sure to check out Heifer’s success stories and practical volunteer opportunities in your community.

Passing on the Giftheifer 7

Passing on the Gift creates a living cycle of sustainability that develops community and enhances self-esteem by allowing project partners to become donors.

It starts with a donation that gives gifts of animals and agricultural training to families in need.  The gifts ensure that these families are self-reliant because they now have income and something to eat; the benefit of a new cow means milk for the children and starting a farm. It also gives Heifer participants the ability to Pass on the Gift— "We don’t eat just beans any more. And we share with the families who don’t have any.”

Passing on the Gift illuminates the possibilities. You may become the stone that starts the ripple of giving.

Visit Heifer's gift catalog here to see how you can pass on your own gift.


Here's a sample of Heifer's education resources:

“Our Animal Friends” Videos

Six animals—heifers, goats, honeybees, chickens, worms, and pigs—are featured in these quick, one-minute videos.  Your students will learn more about the Heifer mission and how these creatures help hungry families.

To see videos, click here.



Get IT! Curriculum for Middle and High School

Courtesy of Heifer

Global Education to Improve Tomorrow (Get IT!) teaches students about their roles as consumers and the effects their choices have in the global marketplace. The international trade of flowers, coffee and bananas—common products that people in the United States buy from Latin America—are the focus. Your students will be engaged as versatile learners and investigative journalists as they research, interview, write about and act on issues surrounding consumer choices and international trade.


Units include:

  • History of the Products We Buy: the history of commerce between Latin America and the U.S. and the story of competing interests and values rooted in vigorous consumer marketing tactics.
  • People and the Products We Buy: the people involved in the coffee, banana, and flower trade, and an explanation of free trade versus free market.
  • Resources and the Products We Buy: the natural resources affected by growing coffee, bananas, flowers.

Get IT! lessons can be taught as a set or as stand-alone. The curriculum is written for middle school, but can be easily adapted for high school. It is accompanied by “Chores for Change,” a service-learning program for those interested in combating global hunger by working on a local hunger-relief initiative.

You'll find the curriculum here.

  • Student Reporter's Notebook

Written in encouraging first-person style, this guide gives your students sound, practical advice on how to be an astute researcher and write an eye-catching consumer article.  Topics cover story ideas, interviewing tips, sample articles, and a resource guide.

YES! gives this resource a thumbs up because even if your students aren’t going to write an article, they will learn how to do spot-on research, arming them with information that will help them make smart, ethical choices.

To see the notebook click here.

To download the free lessons, you will need to login. Registering is free, and please be assured that your email will not be shared. Please note that YES! Magazine does its best to provide educators with easily accessible teaching tools. We will recommend you register only when we believe the materials are worth your time and effort.



“Farm to Plate” Service-Learning Project
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Courtesy of Heifer

Heifer offers a number of service-learning opportunities. It would be safe to say that many people—let alone middle and high school students—don’t think about where the food comes from. [The answer is not “the store.”]  “Farm to Plate” challenges your students to investigate the origins of their food and examine the pros and cons of consuming both locally grown foods and non-local foods.


More Heifer resources

Heifer classroom tools are at your fingertips right here.

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Heifer International is a global nonprofit with a proven solution to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. Established over 65 years ago, Heifer helps empower people who are hungry and in poverty through gifts of livestock, seeds and trees and extensive training. To date, millions of families in over 128 countries have been given gifts of self-reliance and hope.


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