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The Story of Stuff Project is more than the short film "The Story of Stuff." It's a movement to get us to throw away all the stuff in our lives and work together to build a healthy planet.
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The Story of Stuff Project is a tremendous resource for educators and community members looking to learn about and take action on the social and scientific implications of consumption. It has expanded beyond the original short film, The Story of Stuff, and now has several animated documentaries, including the newest release The Story of Solutions, The Story of Change, The Story of Bottled Water, and The Story of Citizens United v. FEC. In addition to free downloads of short films, this superstar nonprofit also offers curriculum and other educational resources, annotated scripts, and engaging podcasts. All the good stuff you need to help you and our country be robust and healthy!

We are excited and honored to share a sneak peek of its latest endeavor—drum roll—Citizen Muscle Boot Camp. This special camp is a four-week activity to flex your citizen muscles. The end result? A stronger you, a stronger planet.


The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff film

The Story of Stuff shows how everything is interconnected—from the production and disposal of stuff to the disastrous impact that over-consumption has on our environment and developing countries. And it’s not just about consumption—the film raises questions and issues about the role of government, the purpose of an economy, and what makes us happy.

WATCH: Story of Stuff film
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SOS Muscle Bootcamp LogoCitizen Muscle Boot Camp

The Story of Stuff Project believes that to create the healthy, sustainable and just world we want, we need to flex our muscles as citizens.

So, the Project designed its very own Citizen Muscle Boot Camp, a four-week program to help you get focused on the issues you care about and start putting into practice the skills you need to make change.

In an exclusive for YES! For Teachers, Story of Stuff Project is sharing a sneak peek of its Week One exercise, “Connecting to Your Purpose.” The exercise is designed to help you craft a purpose statement about what motivates you to make change and how to use your unique talents, abilities, and passions. You can do it!

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WATCH: Annie Leonard, Boot Camp Motivator

Buy, Use, Toss?

“Buy, Use, Toss?” Curriculum

The Story of Stuff Project and Facing the Future have teamed up to offer an interdisciplinary high school curriculum on the concept of a materials economy.

Ten stand-alone lessons that are aligned with national social studies and science standards help students learn about the five major steps of the materials economy: Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, and Disposal. Students then analyze the sustainability of these steps, and determine how consumption can benefit (or not) people, economies, and environments.

Many thanks to the generous donors who made it possible to download this entire curriculum for free.

EXPLORE:  "Buy, Use, Toss?" Curriculum


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Loop Scoop animated films

With PBS Kids, Story of Stuff Project has created a series of 2-minute animated videos to get younger students to ask, “What’s the deal?” about the stuff—from juice boxes to electronic gadgets— in their lives.

WATCH: Loop Scoop films

Want more good Stuff?

The Story of Stuff Project has more resources to inform and inspire your students' desire to be good and do good.

•    Podcasts on plastic bags and more.
•    Faith-based programs for Christian and Jewish teens.
•    Story of Stuff movies—all 11!
•    Resources has all the latest Stuff stuff




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In 2008, was born in response to thousands of The Story of Stuff viewers wanting more information on how they could get involved. Today with 11 short films, high quality learning tools, citizen campaigns, and more, a community of more than 500,000 changemakers joins them worldwide, working to build a more healthy and just planet.