Power Shift '09

Youth Climate Summit in DC

From February 27th to March 1st, young people from all over the U.S.—and the world—descended on Washington, D.C. for what is being hailed as the largest gathering of climate activists in the United States. Thousands of students and other young people made their voices heard, including Brower Youth Award winner Marisol Beccera, who created the interactive OurMap of Environmental Justice to educate her neighbors about the pollutants and contaminants in their Chicago neighborhood.


This is For You
YES! Media and Outreach intern Colette Cosner reports back from Power Shift 2009.

A Power Shift Portrait
Two college students/friends talking about their experience at Power Shift, and the difference between a conference like this and what it's like on campus.

Acting Up - Our Movement is Beautiful
Images from the day that 3000+ people shut down the Capitol Power Plant for the afternoon to say yes to a clean energy future for all of us.

Powershifting in Appalachia
Jake Blumgart reflects on his experiences at the nonviolent mass civil action that blockaded the Capitol Power Plant.

Youth Feels the Power
Young people are creating the Youth Climate Movement, the Campus Climate Challenge, Power Shift and more, organizing to create a future that they will be living in.

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