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NAAEE's 37th Annual Conference :: October 15-18, 2008

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This year's annual NAAEE conference will take place in Kansas. Planning for Wichita is well under way and over 400 papers have already been submitted for review.

The conference will be preceded by a Research Symposium on October 14-15 2008. The deadline for presentations for the Research Symposium is March 31. The 2008 NAAEE Research Symposium will provide a forum to engage in discussion about the question: “EE research: to what end?” Participants will work in several presentation formats to facilitate discussion of research ideas. For graduate students, four hours of professional development workshops have been added in addition to the annual graduate student breakfast.

Mark your calendar with the following dates:

June 2, 2008 :: Conference Registration Opens.
Register for the conference.

August 15, 2008 :: Deadline for Early Bird Registration.
Save $50 on your full conference fee if you register by this date.

Competitions for Students

Winner of the 2007 NAAEE Photo contest. Photo by Mark Buckler of North Carolina
2007 Photo Contest Winner: Corona Beach Sunrise by Mark Buckler of North Carolina

NAAEE seeks photos that will inspire people to achieve environmental excellence. Entries may reflect anything that connects to the environment. The winning photos will show how the visual arts can create a kinesthetic and emotional connection to the Earth. The photography contest is one element of a larger effort by NAAEE to re-invigorate the use of arts and culture in the EE field.

See the details on the contest here.
July 30, 2008 :: Deadline for Photo Submissions.

Encourage your students to submit a poster to the conference.
March 31, 2008 :: Deadline for Student Poster Submissions.

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The North American Association for Environmental Education () is a network of people who believe in teaching people how to think about the environment, not what to think. The Associations offers resources on high-quality teaching methods to show people how to make a difference in the world through a positive, nonconfrontational approach.


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