LaDonna Brave Bull Allard's Response to "Your Sacred Place" Essay Winners

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard responds to the winners of our Winter 2017 National Student Writing Competition.

LaDonna Bravebull Allard at Sacred Stones camp along the banks of the Cannonball River. Photo by Kat Eng.

Dear Ella, Imogen, Isabel, Mara, Saef, and Valerie:

Your essays touched my heart. The struggles of each person, and their strength and bravery, shows through in your writing.

When you stand up for what you believe, sometimes it is hard. Sometimes you look around and think you are the only one standing. Then you turn your head and see the many people standing with you across the world.

I ask each of you, that if you believe in something that touches your heart, then stand up and make life better for the next generation. I pray that each of you does this to change the world.

Stand up. Pray hard.

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard
TaMakaWasteWin- Her Good Earth Woman

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