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Protecting Our Commons
by Sarah van Gelder, Doug Pibel
Keeping the air, the water, the Internet and other commons out of corporate hands and in our own. A YES! Magazine interactive graphic.
8 Hotspots of Progress
by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Kuck
8 Hotspots of Progress. Explore this interactive map of the social movements, new leaders, and cross-border alliances that are transforming Latin America.
Just the Facts
by Sarah Kuck
Human Rights Actually Are Quite a Bargain, But We Bought a War Instead
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights—a U.S. Scorecard
by YES! Staff
In 1948, the world agreed on rights that belong to everyone. This Magna Carta for humanity sets a high bar that few governments clear.
Buy Local to Multiply Your Money
Buying local products at local businesses creates a ripple effect as those businesses and employees in turn spend your money locally. In contrast corporate chains send most of your money out of town.
Just the Facts
by Lilja Otto
The costs of health care and prescriptions in the U.S. are graphically compared against the rest of the world. Why do U.S. drugs cost more?
It Takes Energy to Make Energy
by Doug Pibel
Biofuel creation graphically explained.