Creeped Out by “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”? Try This Feminist Version

In the original song, she wants to go home, he says no, and then he spikes her drink. Blogger Dara Laine replaces the uncomfortable Christmas refrain with the female-friendly “Baby, It’s Consent Inside.”

We all know how the tune goes, but if you’ve ever listened closely to the lyrics of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” you’ve probably shuddered a little. It’s getting late, and she wants to go home, but her male companion won’t take no for an answer. The most worrisome moment comes when she asks, “Say, what’s in this drink?”

Feminist blogger Dara Laine told the BBC’s Newsbeat that she replaced the lyrics with her own because, “I thought, why don’t I make it how it should be, which is she says she wants to leave and he lets her.”

Check it out above—and for a cultural history of the original song, click here.