Becoming an Empathic Civilization

Economist Jeremy Rifkin believes we can do it, and now he’s got cartoons to show why.
Empathic Civilization, screenshot

Jeremy Rifkin, economist and founder of The Foundation on Economic Trends, believes it is possible to expand the reach of our empathy to the entire human race, and beyond. He cites new research showing that humans are soft-wired with mirror neurons that cause us to empathize with one another. This emotion has evolved over time: What began as a feeling reserved for those of the same family has expanded to those of the same tribe, to religion, to nation. 


  • : Recent research has shown that our brains are made to support caring, cooperation, and service.
  • : Musician Brett Dennen sings for the Mosaic Project, a program focused on building positive relationships based on respect.
  • : Seattle makes a 10-year commitment to become a more compassionate city.