Charter for Compassion

Ecumenical author Karen Armstrong wished for a Charter for Compassion, a yardstick for global empathy crafted from the input of tens of thousands of religious and secular people all over the world. She says that a version of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is present in all major world religions.

When Karen Armstrong, who has authored over 20 books on the role of religion in the modern world, won the 2008 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Prize, she wished for the creation, launch, and propagation of a Charter for Compassion, to help unite religious and secular people worldwide around a common belief in compassion. Submissions and comments came from more than 150,000 people from 100 countries; a Council of Conscience, made up of 18 diverse religious leaders, is distilling their input into a Charter for Compassion.

On November 12, Armstrong's wish will become fully realized with the launch of the charter.

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