Cooking Up Karma: A Taste of the Gift Economy

Video: At a restaurant in Berkeley, there’s no bill at the end of the meal—just a request to pay it forward for those who come after you.
Karma Kitchen Bill

Video from KarmaTube

What if your meal was paid for by the people who dined before you? At Karma Kitchen, an event that occurs every Sunday at Taste of Himalayas in Berkeley, Calif., that is exactly what happens. Volunteers serve food to hungry patrons who in turn pay forward what they value their experience at. There are no prices on the menu and the bill reads $0.00.

With busy locations now in D.C. and Chicago, Karma Kitchen is a success in attracting enthusiasm for a gift economy where what you give benefits those who come after you—and you benefit from everyone who came before. Pay it forward for future diners and rack up the karma points!

Read more about the people and ideas behind Karma Kitchen in YES! Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue!

  • In Mali, one of the most cash poor nations in the world, "dama" or the gift economy is thriving.

  • You don't have to participate in a local currency or service exchange to be part of the cooperative gift economy. Any time you do a favor for a family member, neighbor, colleague, or stranger you're part of it. Here are some ways you can spend time in the gift economy, where you'll find fun, freedom, and connection.
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