Sunni Brown: Doodlers, Unite!


There is a powerful cultural norm against doodling in settings where we are supposed to learn. Visual specialist Sunni Brown wants to bring back the “do” in “doodle,” and is leading the Doodle Revolution.

In this TEDTalk, Sunni Brown extols the benefits of doodling—using doodle examples, of course. Studies show that people who doodle have 29 percent greater retention of verbal presentations. Further, doodling stops people from losing focus and boosts comprehension and creative thinking. Given the opportunity, Ms. Brown would submit this new definition to the Oxford English Dictionary: (dood’l’ing) v. To make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.

If your eyes popped with excitement watching this less-than-six-minute video, then you’ll be in doodle heaven with Sunni Brown’s site. Enter the pearly gates here.


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  • In this entertaining talk, Sir Ken Robinson asserts that to get the best out of people, schools need to nurture creative thinkers rather than good workers.

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    The above resources accompany the November 2011 YES!

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