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A celebration of friendship, family, love, and laughter.
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Surprise Kiss photo by Wayne JonesIn 1997, publisher Geoff Blackwell wondered what a collection of images revolving around the universal subject of "the fundamental human capacity and need for love" would look like.  He was inspired by the iconic "The Family of Man" exhibition, a 1955 MoMA exhibit depicting a freeze frame of the human experience with 503 photographs.

Forty thousand photograph submissions later, Blackwell had completed a new collective freeze frame that, in his own words, captures "spontaneous human moments of intimacy, laughter, and kinship"–the M.I.L.K. collection.

From Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalists to amateur tinkerers, 17,000 photographers from 164 countries submitted their work to the project–creating a maze of images that curators finally whittled down to a 300-photograph exhibition in 2001.

Humanity: A Celebration of Friendship, Family, Love & Laughter is a reprise of that effort, showcasing the work of 150 new photographers.

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