Philadelphians Paint the Town

How art healed and united troubled communities in the City of Brotherly Love.
mural arts

Their mission: to teach community involvement and leadership skills while having a blast. The method? Murals.

Philadelphia has the largest number of murals of anywhere in the United States.
Through large-scale art projects, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program brings together over 1,600 of Philadelphia’s underserved and at-risk youth with artists and communities. Fostering a sense of ownership of the city—and themselves—participants in the program learn art, leadership, and to work together for a larger cause.

"Art heals, art unites, and art changes minds in a convincing fashion. Art drives the agenda. Great art is never silent, can't be ignored, and serves poorly the status quo." - Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


  • How photography training and disposable cameras are giving young Palestinian refugees something new—a voice.

  • Street artist JR brings art to improbable places, creating projects that force us to really see each other.

  • How a community art program in Haiti is empowering young people to express their hope for a better future.